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Ningbo aikli hydraulic machinery co. LTD.

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The company provides: rexroth, hawei, parker, original imported motor, pump, valve in manufacturing maintenance business.

In order to better serve customers, we have set up a professional hydraulic pump maintenance team, specializing in the maintenance of various imported hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and reducers. The service covers Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin and chongqing. Heilongjiang, liaoning, jilin, hebei, henan, hubei, hunan, shandong, shanxi, anhui, shaanxi, zhejiang, jiangsu, fujian, guangdong, hainan, sichuan, yunnan, guizhou, qinghai, gansu, jiangxi, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, ningxia hui autonomous region, xinjiang uygur autonomous region, Tibet autonomous region, guangxi zhuang autonomous region and other regions

Tunneling machine main oil pump: rexroth A11VL145, A11VLO190, A11VLO260, rexler A4VG125, rexler A4VG180 constant-pressure pump: rexroth A10VO28, A10VO45. A10VO71. A10VO95. Harvey parker main pump and motor valve group, etc.

Main oil pump for concrete pumps: A11VO190, A11VO26, hawai 140, kawazu K3V112/K3V 140DT, a8vo80/107, a7vo55/80/107. Hydraulic valve: pv90r55/75/100 manual valve, A11VLO190 hydraulic control valve, A11VLO190 electric control valve, A10VO28 constant pressure valve (DR valve,DFR valve),A4VTG90 control valve.

Hydraulic motor A2FE107/ 61w-vz100 rexler A2FE107/ 61w-171-s.

Hydraulic motor A2FE125/ 61w-vzl171-s rexler A2FE125/ 61w-vzl181-k.

Hydraulic motor a2fe16/61w-vzl181-k rexler a2fe180/61w-vzl181-k.

A2FM fixed capacity hydraulic motor.

A2FM125/61 w - VBB020 A2FM160/61 w - VAB010 A2FM180/61 w - VAB010 A2FM180/61 w - VAB020

A2FM200/63 w - VAB010 A2FM250/60 w - VZB010 A2FM250/60 w - VZB020 A2FM500/60 w - VZH010

The maintenance of the A11V0145 hydraulic pump for the hydraulic pump maintenance of the sany machine.

Machine A11V0130 hydraulic pump maintenance driving machine A11V0190 hydraulic pump maintenance.

Jiamusi EBZ160 tunneling machine A11V0130+A11V0130 variable pump maintenance.

After-sales service commitment

In view of the great trust of your company to ningbo aikli hydraulic machinery co., LTD., we hereby make the following after-sales service commitment to our products:

Failure when selling products, please feel free to dial the service hotline, maintenance engineer will be in 48 hours in zhejiang province, fujian association of foreign languages and the maintenance scene within 72 hours, and side by side product failure, allow the user to get timely solve problems. If the special problem cannot be solved in time, we can provide spare equipment to meet the emergency needs of the users and replace the new products.

Our company will arrange professional technicians to carry out systematic and detailed technical training on the equipment use and general maintenance of customers, so as to improve the efficiency of equipment use in the procurement unit.

Make regular return visit to solve the problems that users encounter in the production process, and listen to the feedback information of users on the machine.

All the customers who purchase the products of ningbo aikli hydraulic machinery co., LTD enjoy lifelong maintenance service. After the expiration of the warranty period, the customers shall charge the parts material fee and repair fee according to the standard of the manufacturer.

The factory warranty period is: the main machine factory is guaranteed for 12 months and the after-sales maintenance market is guaranteed for 6 months.

Our company's aim: to be efficient and responsible for solving problems.

Our company serves the target: only serves the customer.

Service hotline: 18969820324.

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