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How to clean hydraulic press?2018-01-12
The hydraulic press is contaminated in manufacture, test, use and storage. While cleaning, eliminate pollution, and make hydraulic oil, hydraulic components and pipelines to maintain clean and important means.
Analyze the operation principle of hydraulic valve and hydraulic support2018-01-12
Hydraulic support is the supporting equipment in coal mining machinery, after overhaul in general can use five years, but the service life of all kinds of hydraulic valve in hydraulic support is very low, long 3 months, only a few short weeks, the way and solution is to increase system abroad filtering precision and improve the quality of the emulsion, but it is not big. Taking a hydraulic valve in the UK as an example, although the machining accuracy and the whole hydraulic system have high filtering precision, the service life is low, which has already been eliminated in our country.
The machinery industry has shown signs of bottoming out2018-01-12
The national bureau of statistics recently released the industrial added value of industry growth data points categories, 09 that month in March the national industrial enterprises above designated size (main business income is 5 million yuan of above) in the added value of year-on-year growth of 8.3%, the added value of the cumulative year-on-year growth of 5.1%. Of general equipment manufacturing industry, machinery industry belongs to special equipment manufacturing, transportation equipment manufacturing, electric machinery and equipment manufacturing, instrumentation and cultural office machinery manufacturing month respectively year-on-year growth of 11.4%, 14.4%, 5.9%, 12.5%, 0.3%, the cumulative respectively year-on-year growth of 6.8%, 11.3%, 2.8%, 9.5% and 2.5%.
The working principle of hydraulic press2018-01-12
Hydraulic press is a kind of equipment used for pressure processing by hydraulic transmission technology, which can be used to finish various forging and pressing forming processes. For example, steel forging, metal structural parts molding, plastic products and rubber products repression. Hydraulic press is one of the earliest machines used in hydraulic transmission, and the hydraulic transmission has become the main transmission form of the pressure processing machinery. Hydraulic machine has become an important equipment in heavy machinery manufacturing industry, aviation industry, plastics and non-ferrous metal processing industry.
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