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The working principle of hydraulic press

Hydraulic press is a kind of equipment used for pressure processing by hydraulic transmission technology, which can be used to finish various forging and pressing forming processes. For example, steel forging, metal structural parts molding, plastic products and rubber products repression. Hydraulic press is one of the earliest machines used in hydraulic transmission, and the hydraulic transmission has become the main transmission form of the pressure processing machinery. Hydraulic machine has become an important equipment in heavy machinery manufacturing industry, aviation industry, plastics and non-ferrous metal processing industry.

Hydraulic drive system of hydraulic press is mainly pressure transformation, high pressure, high flow and high power. Therefore, special attention should be paid to improving the power utilization rate of the original motor and to prevent the shock and vibration during the release of pressure, so as to ensure the safety and reliability.

Hydraulic press request according to the press craft master cylinder can accomplish rapid downward deceleration to suppress one keep rolling pressure return one stop (anywhere) basic work cycle, and the pressure, velocity and pressure maintaining time can adjust. The top out hydraulic cylinder is mainly used to top out the workpiece, and the requirement can realize the action of ejecting, returning and stopping. If the sheet is stretched, it is required to lift the hydraulic cylinder up, stop and pressure return. Sometimes it is necessary to press the blank to prevent wrinkles around the edges.

Hydraulic press is the main operating mechanism (main cylinder) in main movement (main cylinder) may output maximum pressure (tonnage) as the main specification of hydraulic press, and has been serialized. The tonnage of the top cylinder often adopts 20% of the main cylinder tonnage. The ejection cylinder of extruder can be used in the main tonnage of l0 %. Double action drawing hydraulic press of the pressure side cylinder tonnage, generally used by the stretch cylinder tonnage of about 60%.

By the need to determine the speed of the master cylinder pressure processing technology, general in oil supply directly by the pump hydraulic system, its working stroke speed is less than 50 mm/s, fast-forward speed is less than 300 mm/s, equal speed of hydraulic press fast rewind and fast forward speed.

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