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How to clean hydraulic press?

The hydraulic press is contaminated in manufacture, test, use and storage. While cleaning, eliminate pollution, and make hydraulic oil, hydraulic components and pipelines to maintain clean and important means.

In production, the cleaning of hydraulic press usually has main system cleaning and whole system cleaning. Full system cleaning means cleaning the entire hydraulic circuit of the hydraulic unit. The system should be restored to the actual operating state before cleaning. The cleaning medium can be hydraulic oil; The cleaning time is usually 2-4h, under special circumstances not exceeding 10h; The cleaning effect is standard with no impurities on the loop filter.

The following points should be noted when cleaning;

When cleaning the hydraulic press, use hydraulic oil or test oil. However, it is not possible to use kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, steam or other liquids to prevent corrosion of hydraulic components, pipelines, oil tanks and seals.

During the cleaning process, the hydraulic pump is operated and the cleaning medium is heated simultaneously. Clean the oil temperature is 50-80 ℃, the hydraulic press when the rubber is easy to get rid of.

In the process of cleaning, a non-metal hammer can be used to tap the oil pipe, which can be used continuously to remove the attachment in the pipeline.

The clearance operation of the hydraulic pump is conducive to improving the cleaning effect. The intermittent time is usually 10-30min.

A filter or strainer should be installed on the oil return road. At the beginning of cleaning, 80 mesh screen can be used because of more impurities. After cleaning, switch to a mesh of more than 150 mesh.

The average cleaning time is 48-60h, which depends on the complexity of the system, the requirement of filtration accuracy and the degree of pollution.

In order to prevent the external moisture from corrosion, the hydraulic pump will continue to operate until the temperature returns to normal.

After the cleaning of the hydraulic press, clean the cleaning oil in the loop.

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